Supporting Pet Recovery in Animal Shelters

Valley Pets’ Pawsitive Care Donation Program

Program Overview

A recovery cone can be a stressor to dogs that have been through plenty of trauma and discomfort. That is why we created the BellyGuard. As a leading provider of dog onesies specially designed for post-surgery recovery, we understand the importance of comfort and care during a pet’s healing journey. Recognizing the vital role that animal shelters, humane societies, and similar organizations play in caring for dogs in need, we are proud to introduce our Pawsitive Care Donation Program. Through this initiative, we aim to support these compassionate institutions with our premium-quality BellyGuard dog onesies donations.

About Valley Pets + The BellyGuard

Our recovery suit protects stitches, rashes and hot spots, without restricting movement and range of sight. The BellyGuard reduces stress often resulting in quicker recovery times for healing dogs!

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