Valley Pets was founded in 2018 in the pioneer valley of western Massachusetts. The idea for our flagship product the BellyGuard was born out of necessity when our cavapoo Bailey was stuck in a plastic cone of shame for several weeks. Our Veterinarian Dr. Constant sent us home with a medicated cream, and a plastic cone to stop Bailey from licking at an irritating rash on her stomach.


Bailey was more irritated by the cone than by her rash. Normal activities, like eating, drinking, relaxing suddenly became impossible. After 18 months of engineering design, prototyping, and testing, and iterating, the BellyGuard was born.

Care-Based Innovation

Founded in the Pioneer Valley in 2018, Valley Pets carefully and considerably innovates and designs pet products.

Purposeful Mission

Our mission is develop a higher standard of care for the world's pets. Donations to pet shelters are paramount to who we are.

Highest Quality

The use of high quality and durable U.S. based materials and placement is a principal design element for VP.

Happy Pawrents

We couldn't have built Valley Pets and our flagship product, BellyGuard without our dog Bailey! She was the original inspiration for our product.

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