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Say goodbye to compliance struggles and hello to happier clients and faster healing.

Are you tired of sending patients home with uncomfortable e-collars that they either won’t keep on, or clients will never use to begin with? 

Our flagship product, the BellyGuard, is the perfect solution to help patients feel more comfortable during recovery, and help clients feel better able to stick to your recommendations.


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By reducing stress and improving compliance, our veterinary-recommended design leads to faster recovery times – making it the perfect alternative to the dreaded “cone of shame”


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77.4% of Dog Owners Believe Their Pet’s Quality of Life Diminishes When They Wear a Cone, Studies Show.

A Global Study conducted by the University of Sydney School of Veterinary Medicine in 2020 showed that a majority of owners reported difficulty eating and drinking, psychological distress, damage to property, and physical injuries to both clients and pets when elizabethan collars were worn during post-op recovery. Other issues, like collar-related moist dermatitis, restrictions when kenneled, and impacts to both sight and hearing were also frequently reported. 

With problems such as these, it’s a wonder there hasn’t been more innovation in this space. The comfortable, machine-washable BellyGuard can improve our recovering patients’ quality of life, strengthen client satisfaction and compliance, and – ultimately – lead to faster healing.

Why Valley Pets and the BellyGuard?

The BellyGuard is a Better Option for Your Pet’s Recovery

Say goodbye to dog cones and hello to comfort! Sewn to snuggly hug your patient’s shape, our dog recovery suit protects stitches without restricting movement and range of sight.

Our product doesn’t include noisy, scratchy velcro, it’s washable, it isn’t too tight at the armpits/leg holes, plus it allows pets to use the bathroom without completely removing the outfit.

The BellyGuard Provides an Easy Solution for Patients

Most clients cannot figure out how to put cones on their dogs, so they resort to not using one at all, extending recovery time. Our onesies are easy for both vets and their clients to use, plus more comfortable for the pet.

We're Both Human and Pet Approved

Our product includes no velcro like other dog recovery suits. We opted for stainless steel snaps instead, which are not as loud and don’t pull the dog’s hair out. Our human satisfaction rate is high. We’ve received over 3,000 reviews on Amazon, with a 4.5-star rating, and have helped over 50,000 dogs!

We Offer the Perfect Wholesale Recovery Option for Vet Clinics

Priced at $12 per unit, and sold in wholesale units of 12 or more, the BellyGaurd is the perfect alternative to e-collars in your practice. Clients will appreciate having a cone-of-shame alternative that makes their life and their pet’s life easier.

You can Support a Powerful Mission

Our mission is to develop a higher standard of care for the world’s pets. Product donations to pet shelters are a core activity for our brand. Read more here.

We’re a Small Business that is Family-First

Valley Pets and the BellyGuard product were created out of a need our family had during our dog Bailey’s recovery. Our pup was the original inspiration for our flagship product. We’re a small business operating in the USA with American-made products.

BellyGuard FAQ

How do Wholesale Purchases Work?

Our wholesale purchases provide you with the opportunity to buy our flagship product, the BellyGuard in bulk quantities at a discounted price. The minimum order quantity is 12 units, the recommended bundle is priced at $144.25. Make a wholesale purchase via our website and receive free 1-2 week shipping.

Do you Offer Free Samples?

Yes! We want you to be able to try the BellyGuard first to see if it will be a good fit for your patients. Click here to request a sample.

Do you Provide Multiple and Colors Sizes of the BellyGuard?

Absolutely, the BellyGuard is made for all dog breeds. We offer seven sizes, ranging from Mini to XXL. Your wholesale purchase will include at least one unit in each size. For color options, we offer gray, maroon, and teal BellyGuard suits in all sizes!

Our Wholesale Bundles are Easy to Order

Place your wholesale order today. Or order a sample to give the BellyGuard a try.

Do you Have Clients Complaining About E-Collars and Cones, but You’re Not Ready to Purchase a Bundle?

Pet parents can purchase the BellyGuard through their favorite retailer. Download our flyer below to share the BellyGuard and promote comfortable pet recovery!

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