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77.4% of Dog Owners Believe Their Pet’s Quality of Life Diminishes When They Wear a Cone, Studies Show.


The BellyGuard is a Better Option for Pet Recovery

Many vets are already happily recommending BellyGuard to their customers, and using the dog recovery suit in-hospital as soon as a pet comes out of surgery. The suit protects stitches, wounds, rashes and hot spots, without restricting movement or the ability to use the bathroom. The BellyGuard results in better compliance and lower stress for both pets and clients, which ultimately means faster healing! 

The BellyGuard Provides an Easy Solution for Patients

It is challenging for most clients to put cones on their dogs, so much so, that many resort to not using one at all. Our onesies are easy for both vets and their patients to use, plus much more comfortable and functional for the pet. Imagine having 100% compliance in your practice for protecting surgical incisions, wounds, and rashes.

We’re Both Human and Pet Approved

Our product includes no velcro like other dog recovery suits. We opted for stainless steel snaps instead, which are not as loud and don’t pull the dog’s hair out. The BellyGuard is machine-washable and is able to be worn during bathroom breaks. Our human satisfaction rate is high. We’ve received over 3,000 reviews on Amazon, with a 4.5-star rating, and have helped over 50,000 dogs!

We Offer the Perfect Wholesale Recovery Option for Vet Clinics

If your followers own or operate veterinary clinics and have been looking for a better alternative to e-collars, the BellyGuard is the solution. Clients will appreciate having an alternative to cumbersome and stressful e-collars, and your staff will appreciate no longer having to battle clients and patients to use their e-collars! They’re available in quantities of at least 12 units, and ship free anywhere in the USA and Canada.

You can Support a Powerful Mission

Our mission is to develop a higher standard of care for the world’s pets. Product donations to pet shelters are a core activity for our brand. Read more here

We’re a Family-First Small Business

Valley Pets and the BellyGuard product were created out of a need our family had during our dog Bailey’s recovery. Our pup was the original inspiration for our flagship product. We’re a small business operating in the USA with American-made products.


Why the BellyGuard?

The BellyGuard is a recovery suit for dogs post-surgery. It covers wounds and incision sites to deter licking, scratching, and biting. It makes recovery from surgery more comfortable and stress-free. It’s a soft cotton dog onesie that is breathable and helps dogs eat, drink, and sleep much better while they recover than they can in the dreaded cone of shame.

Unlike the cone, it doesn’t restrict their movement or range of sight. It doesn’t interfere with sight and sound reception. We as pet parents created the BellyGuard dog recovery onesie, after we struggled to keep one of our own pups stuck in a plastic cone for weeks on end. We thought there had to be a better way.

With the help of a veterinarian, we spent 18 months engineering, designing, prototyping, testing, and iterating the BellyGuard, went to market in 2018, and now have a reputable company, and a product that’s used by many vets who love it. We’ve earned over 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon, with an overall 4.5-star rating.

How Does the Program Work?

First, send us an email with information about your audience and your experience in the veterinary industry. Once we approve your participation in the program, we will email you a coupon code to share with your audience and more details about the program. You may share your code across any of your channels including social media, your website, and in emails. Each time one of your audience members makes a wholesale purchase, you will earn a 10% commission.

Am I Eligible to Work with Valley Pets?

We are open to working with many different partners across the United States. We can; however, refuse partnership to any brand that does not meet our quality standards.

How Much Can I Earn as an Affiliate?

The more you refer, the more you earn!

Is There a Minimum Payout Threshold? How do Payouts Work?

Yes, once you earn $100, you will be paid out! We process payouts via Venmo, Paypal, or an affiliate online payment link.

I Run a Veterinary Office. How Does a Partnership with ValleyPets Work?

Vet influencers can apply to this affiliate program. If you’re a veterinarian office, looking to sell our products at your location, please visit our wholesale location here.

Are Your Products on Amazon?

Yes! You can add the BellyGuard to your Storefront to earn affiliate commission through Amazon, as well. Here’s a link to our product to add to your Amazon Influencer page.

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