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BellyGuard FAQs

Can my dog go to the bathroom while wearing this?


The BellyGuard does not need to be removed for bathroom breaks and has an easy-to-use clip-up system that was designed with your pup’s comfort and ability to take care of business hassle-free in mind. Just unbutton the bottom flap, roll up the onesie, and snap it in front on your pup’s chest for an unencumbered bathroom visit. Just remember to unroll it and snap it back in place at your dog’s rear end when they’re finished.

But accidents can happen. We recommend purchasing twoBellyGuards, so you’ll always be prepared with a backup in case one needs to go in the wash.

How do I put the BellyGuard on my pup?

Putting the BellyGuard on your pup is easy! We’ve put together a short video tutorial here.

Is this product safe?

Yes. Vets love it. The onesie is a deterrent for any dog to discourage licking or biting at sutures. In an ideal world—and in a great many situations—the BellyGuard offers just enough deterrence to keep your dog from getting at that pesky healing incision, but feels so comfortable, breathable, natural, and barely-there that they leave the suit alone.

Your pup stays comfy, the incision stays gently covered. But as with any recovery product and curious pets, accidents can happen. We do recommend that the product be worn under adult supervision, especially at first.

Is the BellyGuard washable?


Prior to washing, snap the clasps closed.

We recommend hang-drying the BellyGuard to ensure the best fit during your pup’s recovery. Just in case, we’ve created two layers of snaps to make for an adjustable, customizable fit.

Do you need to wash the BellyGuard before the first use?

No, you do not. The product has been pre-washed.

Can my pup wear the BellyGuard all day?

Yes, cotton is a comfortable and breathable material and can be worn all day. Unlike the cone of shame, the BellyGuard is comfortable, and that goes for both active time and sleep, as well as eating and drinking! The fabric is plenty soft and flowy, making it wearable for any weather condition.

You can gauge your dog’s personality and potential for mischief-making, but for safety purposes we do recommend only using BellyGuard when a responsible adult will be keeping a close eye on your doggo, not leaving them in it all day unmonitored.

Will my dog actually wear this?

Yes! In most cases dogs wear the onesie and are much more comfortable in something that doesn’t block their field of vision or restrict their range of motion, than in other products like the cone of shame.

Can my dog chew through the BellyGuard?

Yes, the product is made of cotton and can be ripped if a dog is determined to get to the irritated area. We recommend that the product be used only while a pet is monitored by a responsible adult.

Can the BellyGuard be worn outdoors?

Yes! The BellyGuard is more than up to the task of holding up for short outdoor spurts, like when you take your pup out for a bathroom break or a walk.

What is the return policy?

Onesie not fitting your doggo? You’re welcome to return your onesie via the platform it was purchased on. Visit your order history on Chewy or Amazon to learn more.

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    Supporting Pups in Need With Dakin Humane Society

    We at ValleyPets have partnered with Dakin, in Springfield, Mass., in support of their mission, and to bring a comfortable recovery experience to pups in need–in the form of our BellyGuard recovery onesies.

    And you can join us on our mission to improve the recovery experience for all dogs! With each extra $4 we receive during checkout, you are funding a BellyGuard donation to Dakin, and giving a dog in need the comfortable recovery they deserve. Donated product will be used by veterinarians post-spay/neuter surgery.

    We’d love for you to join us in these efforts, of supporting a great local nonprofit, while keeping the dogs in their care more comfortable post-surgery. But first, let us tell you more about them, their mission, and ours.

    The BellyGuard Story

    Valley Pets was founded in 2018 in the pioneer valley of western Massachusetts. The idea for our flagship product the BellyGuard was born out of necessity when our cavapoo Bailey was stuck in a plastic cone of shame for several weeks. Our Veterinarian Dr. Constant sent us home with a medicated cream, and a plastic cone to stop Bailey from licking at an irritating rash on her stomach.

    Bailey was more irritated by the cone than by her rash. Normal activities, like eating, drinking, relaxing suddenly became impossible. After 18 months of engineering design, prototyping, and testing, and iterating, the BellyGuard was born.