Dog Onesie: Give Your Dog A Comfortable Recovery

You want the best for your dog. So when you see them in pain or discomfort, of course you want to help however you can. If your dog is recovering from a recent surgery or suffering from a sore spot, a dog onesie can be a gamechanger. Keep the cone away – your dog with thank you for it.

Dog onesies help ensure your furry friend doesn’t get to that itch or lick the spot that needs healing. Not all dog onesies are created equal though, so if you’re looking for the best recovery dog suit or an alternative to dog cones, check out The BellyGuard. This dog onesie was created to protect pets from making their wounds worse. From rashes to itchiness to surgery stitches, The BellyGuard is a comfortable solution to keep your dog from wearing the embarrassing cone of shame. Alternatives to dog cones are becoming more and more popular as pet parents try to give our furbabies the best of the best. Or the discomfort could be from a recent surgery like spaying or neutering, among others.

So, whatever your dog is dealing with – from spaying or neutering surgeries to allergies or hotspots – having them wear a dog onesie can be just the help they need. The BellyGuard dog onesie will help prevent your pet from being able to bite, scratch or lick their itchy areas.

Best alternative to cone of shame?

The dog collar is no longer the only recovery tool for our precious pets. There are other options as alternatives to dog cones, but The BellyGuard continues to prove it’s the best. Dog cones just add to a dog’s discomfort, but The BellyGuard dog onesie is a comfortable tool to help your pet recover in peace. It’s stretchy and soft. It’s also conveniently crafted, with a rear-fastening clip to make the clothing adjustable and a front clip to keep the suit clean and dry while your pet goes to the bathroom.

This dog onesie was created specifically for our fur friends who’ve undergone surgery. That’s why you’ll find a built-in pouch that can hold gauze pads and lightweight fabric that won’t irritate sensitive skin. The high-quality fabric also helps keep wounds dry and protects them from dirt and other possible contaminants.

What does a dog onesie do?

Dog onesies have all different kinds of proposes. They can:

·         Help reduce stress and anxiety for dogs

·         Make dogs feel comfortable and safe

·        Prevent further injury and infections on a dog’s open wounds

·        Block dogs from biting or licking sensitive areas on their skin

·        Aid in a dog’s recovery from surgery

Veterinarians have recommended The BellyGuard dog onesie as the better alternative to a dog cone. Dogs can enjoy the same care and benefits, without the discomfort.

Just like regular clothing, The BellyGuard comes in various sizes and designs. Choose from designs suited for indoor or outdoor activities and review our size chart to find the perfect fit for your pet.

Dog onesie designed with ease

The BellyGuard is simple to put on your pet. Worn just like a regular onesie, the longer side of the BellyGuard faces the bottom. To put it on your dog, you’ll place the opening over their head first, then through their paws, starting with their front legs. Towards the base of their back, you’ll see a hole to slip their tail through. Simply secure the clips and it will stay in place.

After that, you have to slowly slide the front legs of the pet through the leg openings of the BellyGuard. Gently pull the clothing down the body of the dog then insert the dog’s tail through the opening meant for it.

As mentioned above, this simple clip-up system will also save you the trouble when it comes to potty breaks. Our simple clip-up system saves you the hassle from having to remove the entire dog onesie every time your dog has to go outside. All you have to do is unfasten the clasp and reclip it to the top, securing the material so it won’t get wet. Once your pet is done going to the bathroom, you can re-secure your dog onesie.

If you’re looking for alternatives to dog cones, a dog onesie truly is the best tool in helping your furry friend recover and feel better. So, when your dog is down and out, help them get back to feeling their best with a BellyGuard.

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