Dog Recovery Suit: Keep Your Pooch Comfortable

When your dog just come out of surgery, it is going to be uncomfortable. The wound from the surgery is going to itch. If you’ve undergone surgery, you know how it goes. It’s going to be itchy but you know you can’t scratch it or it will be infected. Dogs, though, don’t always have the discipline to stop themselves from scratching that itch.

Enter the cone. It was created to stop the dog from licking their wound, which is a very common response to an itch or discomfort. It looks uncomfortable though, doesn’t it? You are basically making your dog uncomfortable so that he wouldn’t lick his discomfort away.

The cone is not a good idea. Not only by making the dog uncomfortable, it’s also not good to look at. If dogs could talk, they would surely tell you that wearing the cone, also known as Elizabeth collar, is embarrassing.

Let’s throw away that so-called cone of shame! Good thing there is a great alternative to the cone called the dog recovery suit.

What is it?

When you look at it, it’s just like a regular dog onesie. But it’s actually more than that. The suit covers the wounds or any other form of ailment that the dog will most likely lick, scratch or bite.

You can use the suit right after spaying or neutering. Or maybe your little pooch is experiencing some hot spots and rashes. Cover those with the recovery suit so that the dog won’t make it worse by licking or biting.

First, let’s address the cone of shame. The recovery suit is just like any other dog clothes. So, when the dog is walking around the park or any outdoor setting, it won’t feel embarrassed by its neck accessory. Remember, dogs have feelings, too.

Second, cones are distressing. It’s a form of constraint so that the dog can’t freely move the way it wants to. The dog’s field of vision will be limited; hence, they might be banging on stuff when inside the house. This may develop fear inside the dogs when they go out. Your dog might develop some anxiety.

You prevent those two issues with the recovery suit. Since they are just like regular clothes, the dog won’t feel ashamed or anxious when it walks around even if there is a little bit of discomfort brought about by either the surgery or the rash.

They may look like regular clothes but they are anything but regular.

The Belly Guard

The Belly Guard recovery suit is comfortable because of its stretchy fit. It’s not constraining at all. The sizing is adjustable, which makes for the best fit. The sizes range from mini to XXL.

It is made of cotton that is just soft to the touch yet very durable. The material itself is lightweight. It also keeps the wound dry, which is very important.

If your dog just had surgery, they may need some gauze. The recovery suit has a built-in pouch that holds the gauze. It’s very practical indeed.

What if the pooch needs a potty break? Simple! The suit comes with a front clip that allows the dog and its clothing to remain clean and dry during potty breaks.

The designs available are also versatile. They are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.

Say goodbye to the uncomfortable cone of shame! The Belly Guard is just what you and your dog need. If your dog is happy and comfortable, so are you.

With so many designs to choose from, you can find one that fits the personality of your pooch. But whatever the design you choose, you know that your best friend will only have the best suit to help it with recovery. Contact Us Today!

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