BellyGuard is the Wholesale Recovery Onesie for Your Veterinary Clinic

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If you own or operate a veterinary clinic and are looking for a way to make in-clinic post-operation recovery less stressful—and maybe a little more cone-of-shame-free—we’ve got an idea for you! The BellyGuard suit for dogs after surgery is now available for wholesale.

What is the BellyGuard?

The BellyGuard is a recovery suit for dogs post-surgery. It covers wounds and incision sites to deter licking, scratching, and biting. It makes recovery from surgery like a spay or neuter more comfortable and stress-free. It’s a soft cotton dog onesie that can be worn as an alternative or supplement to the e collar. It’s breathable and helps dogs eat, drink, and sleep much better while they recover than they can in the dreaded cone of shame.

Unlike the cone, it doesn’t restrict their movement or range of sight. It doesn’t interfere with sight and sound reception. We as pet parents created the BellyGuard dog recovery onesie after we saw one of our own pups stuck in a plastic cone for weeks on end and thought there had to be a better way.

We spent 18 months with the help of a veterinarian engineering, designing, prototyping, testing, and iterating, went to market in 2018, and now have a reputable company, and a product that’s used by many vets who love it. We’ve got over 2000 reviews on Amazon, with a 4.5-star rating.

perfect for all types dog

Using the BellyGuard for Recovery in a Clinical Setting

Many vets are already happily using the BellyGuard dog recovery suit in their clinics for dogs staying overnight post-surgery. It can be worn outside for short spurts like bathroom breaks or quick walks while recovering at the vet. It has a patented, easy-to-use clip-up system for bathroom breaks.

 versatile simple and easy clip up

And a BellyGuard recovery onesie can be used as an alternative or a supplement to the plastic cone. We don’t have to tell you that pet parents—let alone dogs—don’t care for the cone of shame. A study found that 77.4% of dog owners think their pet’s quality of life diminishes when they wear a cone. Some vet clinics will accept using the cone as an unpleasant but inevitable fact of recovery. And there are some cases where a cone might truly be the best recovery method. When a dog has wounds or sutures on his limbs, for example, a cone is still the best method of aiding in dog recovery.

But in other cases, there’s a much better alternative that will help put pet parents’ minds at ease when they drop their furry family member off for surgery at your clinic. When a vet performs a surgery on a dog’s chest or abdomen (think GI, urogenital, chest, and spine surgeries, or anything to the back or belly), a BellyGuard onesie is best.

Dogs are often distressed when wearing a cone. And distress in any of us or our pets means the stress hormone cortisol starts flowing. Cortisol depresses a dog’s immune response and can lead to gastric ulcers and diarrhea, and inefficiencies in digestion and absorption of nutrients while recovering in your care at the vet.

The BellyGuard onesie can make dogs more comfortable and feel more natural, avoiding the above, and leading to happier pets, pet parents, staff, and other pets in your temporary care.

You can use both the cone and the onesie for dogs who are very determined to get to their sutures. You may want to have both on hand for different types of recoveries in your clinic or to have options for dogs that don’t handle one or the other well.

BellyGuard: The Perfect Wholesale Recovery Onesie for Your Clinic

If you own or operate a veterinary clinic and have been looking for a wholesale recovery onesie, the BellyGuard just might be your solution. It’s an easy add-on item to your customers’ bills after a spay or neuter. They’re available to you for wholesale order in quantities of at least 12 units, which comes with free delivery anywhere in the USA and Canada. Before purchase, you’ll need to fill out an application here. You can place a wholesale recovery onesie order here, and view prices there too.

Or request a free product sample here.

Reach out to with any questions.

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